We love art. We love business.
We've built a platform to foster both.

We love art.
We love business.
We've built a platform
to foster both.

Lunar Studios is an immersive stage for intimate concerts, gatherings, and thoughtful activations. We work with artists to bridge music and business, art and policy, and to inspire wellbeing and creativity within our labourforce.

We are known for bringing the music to New Economy events, summits, and customized programming for our clients and community, elevating music as a tool for innovation.

To be creative we must first be well. Our New Economy approach is designed to develop artists personally and professionally; this balance is the key to building healthy systems and a healthy society.

Lunar Studios is a subsidiary of Conscious Economics, a national not-for-profit organization fostering a new economic dialogue in Canada. Together, we use a unique formula that combines mindfulness, nature, financial therapy, and art to reimagine the Future of Work. 

Our deep relationships with creatives, business professionals, and community stakeholders allow us to amplify artists and facilitate social innovation through music.

Our platforms activate through curated events, educational programming, and national policy projects.

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Social Change Art

Art that is created intentionally in the spirit of social, political, personal, economic, or overall systemic change.